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Sports Turf Division: Athletic Fields

Prescription Turf Services wants to help you to be successful in developing and maintaining durable and attractive athletic fields. During the past 20 years, PTS has developed turf maintenance programs that result in improved playing conditions, and playing surfaces that generate great pride. Well-managed fields are an asset to every community, and are a key element to the enjoyment of sports.

Do You Need...

  • To improve the quality of your playing fields?
  • To obtain the knowledge, manpower, products or equipment to properly maintain your fields?
  • To rebuild or add fields?

Prescription Turf Services can help. We have a record of success in assisting facility managers in the maintenance of their playing fields. Our customers have discovered that retaining our services has proven to be a wise investmant.

Service Details

We Offer...

  • Experienced and knowledgeable team of turf specialists.
  • Specialized equipment for athletic field turf management.
  • Effective products that produce superior results.

Prescription Turf Services is a local, established company with a reputation for trustworthy service.

We Are...

  • responsive to your needs
  • skilled in the services that we provide
  • eager to earn your trust and respect
  • dedicated to our profession and to our clients
  • flexible to meet your specific needs
  • fully licensed and insured

Overview of Athletic Field Maintenance and Renovation Programs Offered:

  • Integrated Pest Management Programs
  • Fertilization
  • Weed and Insect Management
  • Soils Management with Wetting Agents and Biostimulants
  • Aeration Services: core, deep-tine, shatter
  • Seeding Services: slice-seeding, drill-seeding
  • Top Dressing Applications
  • Sod Installation
  • Vegetation Management
  • Power Raking
  • Baseball Infield Reconstruction
  • Regrade, Lasar Grade, Seed or Sod Playing Fields
  • Field Construction
  • Tick Control

Commercial Services

All Of Our Commercial Services Include:

  • Professional, no-obligation complimentary consultations to determine specific care and design needs and wants
  • Provision of a customized plan
  • An honest analysis of desired outcomes
  • A commitment to meet budget specifications
  • An understanding of the institution's desired identity
  • Proactive service
  • Adherence to time considerations
  • Familiarity with local ordinances
  • Full assessment of geographical and seasonal conditions and challenges
  • Flexibility to meet new or changing situations
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

The Commercial Services that We Can Provide Include the Following:

  • Full lawn care services
  • Full tree and shrub care
  • Landscape design and installation
  • Landscape management
  • Sports turf management
  • Golf course management
  • Pond and lake management
  • Irrigation system design, installation, and management
  • Seasonal color planting
  • Snow and ice management
  • Exterior holiday lighting